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loss to the twins a disappointment is a understatement. the phenyl score, 19 -- final score, 19-7. twins were on fire in the bottom of the first they scored 7 runs. by the bottom of the 8th, it was 18-5. and they play again tonight at 8 in minnesota. >>> better news for ravens fans, runningback ray rice signed a five-year deal with the team worth $40 million. the ravens worked up until the last-minute yesterday to hammer out phenyl details. rice is the-- final details. rice is the highest paid runningback in the nfl. >>> with the hot temperatures and lack of rain, homeowners are struggling to get the grass healthy and clean. >> however, this morning, what some people are doing to make their lawns look so green. >> also a sheriff in arizona wants to challenge president obama. what he is claiming on the president and what he plans to release later today. >> reporter: everything is up to speed on 895 at o'donnell street but we have a water main break that affects traffic in downtown baltimore. this is the inner harbor at the aftermath. we are following the story and i will let you
this toy, call right away. now to some furniture that's being recalled, they're recalling full and twin size slay beds from the bordeaux collection. the head board and foot boards can detach causing an injury. if you own one of the beds you're asked to contact samuel lawrence for a free repair kit. >> shifting more toward the east but look what's going on to the south, montgomery county and pg county under flash flood warnings. we mentioned how they are slow moving storms. active severe thunderstorm warning as you go out to the east, kent county and queen anne's county. still an active severe thunderstorm watch. so maryland's most powerful radar showing the storms shifted. you can see this moving through kent county. it's producing 800 bolts per 15 minutes of lightning. talking about arnold, annapolis. this is right over the bay. that's moving into queen anne's county as we speak. it's right around route two, rock hall. the abc2 storm track showing us some of the time for arrivals around 6:26, centerville. dangerous lightning. flash flooding a concern. maybe some small hail. we'll be wa
that go. >> the bopsy twins. >> good morning. >> things are nice outside. this is the first morning i was happy to get up to. >> we will not be as humid and they will be seasonal. let's break it down we get a little break today. warm and less humid. seasonal temperatures. coming in at 68 in woodbine. good morning. 74 now. and the independent winds are light. that's where we will be feeling comfortable as we head throughout the day. the radar is dry now, it will be so as we go into the afternoon. all the activities you don't have to put them in for the morning. as you go throughout the day. we will see a nice day and feeling it on tap. we'll show you what is going on. and the delays at charles street off 695, speeds are reduced. and a lombard street closed downtown because of the water main break. convention due to construction delays. looking good this morning. and smooth sailing. 9-5 and 83. an 11-minute ride. >>> an emotional day for a colorado family. the first of the victims being laid to rest. and the 23-year-old was in the theater. it took almost 20 hours to find out she died.
against the twins. details when "good morning maryland" continues. 3q with lysol kitchen soap, hands are healthy. with lysol kitchen soap, washing dishes is easy. with lysol kitchen soap, surfaces are clean. hands. dishes. surfaces. the lysol no-touch kitchen system: the only all-in-one kitchen soap. try it for yourself. lysol. mission for health. >>> if you think your children are here illegally and the parents as illegal immigrants should pay. they're heading out to the inner harbor later today. supporters of the maryland dream act are taking about et in the streets of baltimore. they're marching through the point and inner harbor and going to be making stops the hear maryland dreamers share their stories and the dream act offers in-state tuition prices to children of illegal immigrants, you think the o's are glad they signed jones for the future? the o's center fielder all the offense baltimore could muster wednesday in their win against the minnesota twins. he went #-4 on the -- 2-4 on the day. a two run shot in the 1st. giving tommy hunter all he could for his fourth win of the
of this the result of soul- searching after a 19-7 trouncing at hands of the twins. minnesota shelled tillman for 7 runs and he threw 49 pips and was gone before the first -- pitches and was gone before the first frame. all of this comes back and forth and when the dust settled, the twins scored in all but two innings on 20 hits. and embarrassing woodshed beating. game two is tonight first pitch for 8:10. >>> three gun men are on loose in prince george's county. >> it started as a attempted robbery but turned deadly quickly. details ahead. >> hands up. walk to the door. >> montgomery county police have new tool to use in hostage situations. why the small device has so muchpotential to save lives. >> and a home owner in indiana doesn't let the drought affect him or his lawn. look at that nice lush green. how does he do it? well we will let you know when good morning maryland continues. >> reporter: it's pretty sad we have to talk about painting the lawns but we have not seen mamuch -- that much rain but there are a few chances in the 7-day forecast. i will have all that coming next. lauren. >> repor
the agreement is reached. the proposal has complicated the compromise. >>> the twins took advantage and took a beating to the o's. we are talking 6-4. last night's game was better than monday, the final score 19-7. the twins had 3 hits and rbi and the o's adam jones hit a 3- run homer. so baltimore kept things more interesting. >>> stay with us this morning. if you are waking up with us, you should be thinking aboutmaybe work out a lot of you do -- working out. a lot of you do. soon you may be grabbing pills many we will tell you about a new pill and what the fda aprobed that could help you shed more than 20 pounds. >>> and we know the beaches are a great place to get away, butyou might want to stay there especially after hearing the latest results about seaside living. >> all right. i am meteorologist mike masco and it's hot out there. 81 foaling like 83 downtown. -- feeling like it's 83 downtown. we will show outseven-day forecast coming up -- you the seven-day forecast coming up. >> reporter: 895 nice and clear but we are dealing with a massive water main break in downtown baltimore. here
- 7 beat down at the hands of the twins. chris tillman threw 49 pitches and was gone before the opening frame ever wrapped. when the dust settled the twins scored all but two innings on 20 hits on the way to an embarrassing opening game of a 3-game set. game 2 tonight first pitch at 8:10. >>> so you can't water your lawn but you want to be lush and green. >> well we are going to tell you about a bright idea a man had to make sure that there are no dead spots on his lawn. >> and it's the first of it's kind. the drug the fda says doctors can give healthy people so they don't become infected with hiv. >> charley and the dog days of summer are here. i will tell you when temperatures return to normal. those details coming up. lauren. >> reporter: well, no delays here on 695 at harford road. but we are dealing with a water main break in downtown baltimore. i will let you know how it will affect your commute coming up on "good morning maryland." ahh, now that's a clean mouth. i wish i could keep it this way. [ dr. rahmany ] you see, even after a dental cleaning... plaque quickly st
yesterday about. it was amazing to us. it's a pair of twins that were ready to be born. and mom and dad, maybe not were ready for them yet. dragged their feet on the way to the hospital. twins born on two different highways in two different towns. is that possible? >> wow. >> take a look. newborns gavin and deklin anderson are twins. but you could say they're twins born worlds apart. or towns apart. when her water broke saturday, she and her husband, brian, hopped into the car on new york's long island. and started racing to the hospital. the mother, with this warning. >> you better go. i don't want to have the baby on the northern state parkway. >> reporter: to her credit, she didn't. she made it to the next highway. >> i was twisted behind the seat like this. >> reporter: shortly after pulling on the highway, anderson went into labor. >> it was hard to dial 911. >> reporter: with an ambulance sent by dispatchers, she delivered baby gavin, in massapequa, new york. with gavin, he was loaded in the ambulance. just moments later, the ambulance pulled over in east meadow, where baby deklin
. these are so new they are pink. a pair of pandas, twins born early wednesday in china. mom is taking care of the first cub and researchers took the second to give it a check up. female cubs tip the scalessa the at just over five ounces, that's about the weight of a deck of cards. both of them are doing well tonight. >>> check this out. was it love at first site? this unlikely couple. a dolphin swims up to investigate. the kids from the dog. video -- posted on youtube. it has about 14 5,000 5,000 hit this is week movement if you are going to swim in illinois in the lake you can run into this. a fisherman caught the fish and thought it was a piranha. it's a fish that from the amazon. >>> great britain a report that two fisherman bled to death after this fish bit off their testicles. you all right? >> you know good news is they said that -- this fish won't live in the winter. he they will be gone president that's the good news. >>> the weather and the humidity, you don't like the humidity, well you aren't going to like this forecast. humid. we turn the temperature down. 88 degrees. chance
the twin did it? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. ♪ >>> all right. you get your property tax bit. the postal service is closing dozens of mail processing plants. we have more on what this means for you. >> reporter: there's no secret the u.s. postal service is struggling with its balance sheet. usps is moving forward with con sal dation -- consolidations. they are the big facilities where mail gets sorted. the union made halas ditch effort to stop but the commission denied the request. it will affect about 5,000 workers but many will be offered new jobs elsewhere or retirement podges. for now zoo worry about the package you -- don't worry about the package you just mailed. the next phase will slowdown the first class mai. the post sal service posted a $5 billion loss last year so the consolidations are the latest attempt to stroll line the service and keep it alive. reporting from new york. >> it is july the 2nd. i know we lost a lot of days and the time, we're coming up on 6:00 because we have the flashing 12's. we have been without power sen
in the evening until 10:00. >>> you having trouble sleeping these days? >> always. >> always. >> twins, you know. >> yeah. and the schedule. >> well it may be what you ate actually before you turned out the lights. what foods to avoid before you go to bed. >> giving birth is a private moment for families, why many are now inviting a photographer into the delivery room. >> that's for
own twin engine plane over the search area in hopes of spotting any evidence that could help investigators. what are you looking for with your eyes? >> just anything out of place. any colors, you know, maybe there would be some clothing or something like that. >> reporter: on the ground, six long days of frantic searching by hundreds of volunteers and police investigations have turned up nothing. and misty morrissey, mother of 10-year-old lyric cook, is losing patience. >> we are still stuck with a lack of evidence and no girls. and who wants to go weeks, you know, not knowing where their children are? >> the first week is extremely important. beyond the first super critical 24 hours, every day counts. >> reporter: and so, here, there's a sense that investigators are truly working against the clock. the family says the girl's grandmother was sitting for them last friday when shortly after 12:00 noon, they went on a bike ride around the neighborhood. >> they asked me to go for a short bike ride. and they just never came back. >> reporter: investigators know that so much depend
of twins, one of them is happy, the other not so much. they are dressed identically. we posted the picture on facebook. tj wrote in saying you are going to mess this whole thing up. keep your comments coming. if you have a captionist photo idea, email it to >>> in a buyers market we will talk about that in a second. >> this is from penn state. more could have been done , the result of an independent investigation, regarding the abuse by jerry sandusky. as a result, artists painted over the halo over joe paterno on a mural on the penn state campus. it was added to the mural after paterno's death this year. a blue ribbon symbolizing support for child abuse victims remains on his jacket. >>> people trying to sell their homes, they are looking for any advantage they can get. >> what an oregon woman is telling buyers and what he ex- husband has to say. >>> aretha franklin may have a new job. what show she could be joining this year. >>> big name race car drivers are in baltimore. that story straight ahead. >>> a story making you ask what is wrong with the world? it's bad enough th
places so you can get unbelievable dust pick up in less time. i love that book! can you believe the twin did it? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] food you eat [ sizzling ] is a blt. but food you love ♪ is a blt with hellmann's. nothing tastes like it. made with real ingredients like cage-free eggs and exceptional oils and vinegar ♪ for the unmistakable taste that can only be hellmann's. bring out the best. >>> a story that will capture your heart. a woman rescuing three little bear cubs trapped in a dumpster, for the first time we are hearing from the woman at the center of the whole thing. here is john mueller. >> reporter: they don't know they are viral video stars but they are happy to be together again. the cubs went searching for food in this dumpster and got stuck inside. surely shank heard cries for mama in the night. >> you can tell it was just, i knows i want to get you out. >> reporter: mama bear might have been stumped but come daylight, shirley knew what to do. with her daughter shooting video from
of trayvon martin. also a new york mother doesn't make to it the hospital before giving biter. how her twins came in to the world in their own unique way. wççÑçÑ >>> around 400 pilots expected to demonstrate outside the white house protesting the outsourcing of jobs and pushing for better working conditions. the death of trayvon martin is going to be the center of a discussion in a public meeting tonight. the community is encouraged to attend. president barack obama is campaigning in new york, mitt romney is presumptive republican nominee continues his overseas tour arriving in poland to meet with lawmakers and visit a world war ii site. republican senators john mccain, gram and kelly aot will hold town hall meetings in battleground states, visiting florida x north carolina and virginia, home to military and defense contracting jobs. and college students are coming to dc for the start of the national conservative student conference. tab op lawmakers are scheduled to speak during a five day event. >>> welcome back. >> thank you so much. it's nice to be back. >> you got some sun. >> yes.
to the most recent divorce from marc anthony, the father of her 4-year-old twins. but despite the heartbreak, j. lo wants her fans to know she's not giving up on love. >> it's hard sometimes. it's amazing sometimes. but it's not something that you could ever be without. human beings need love to survive. even though it doesn't work out sometimes, you just have to keep going. >> reporter: and that's message in the new single "dance again." ♪ i'm gonna dance making love >> reporter: which enrique wrote for her around the time she was reeling from the divorce. >> the idea of dancing again, living again, even just loving again at that moment in my life felt so far-fetched. you know? and it was just like, no, that belief for me could never die because if that part of you dies, it's just like what is life? ♪ love to make love to you baby ♪ >> reporter: j. lo's co-star for this steam? video is backup dancer beau casper smart. her 25-year-old boyfriend. he's surprisingly composed when he explains how he managed to land one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment business. >> it was ju
for two months. now the cub is up with its mom. >> a new mom and dad deliver twins on separate highways on long island this weekend. the first was delivered on southern state parkway after they pulled over to wait for the ambulance. once the ambulance they continued to the hospital and on the way the second baby came along and the family arrived, everybody healthy and the hard work out of the way. that's like having a baby in two different counties. >> covers the miles. >> all right. >> i got it. >> all right. >> that was cute. >> right. >> yeah. >> mom wants to check the baby out first. >> -- we will see. midday tomorrow. 83 and 86 at four in the afternoon. august like temperatures in the outlook. as we wrap up july. a better chance tuesday and late thursday. at sleep number, individualizing your sleep is at the heart of every innovation. wow. that feels really good! and now, sleep number introduces our new memory foam series the only memory foam beds with exclusive dual-air technology that adjusts on each side. memory foam just found its better half. sleep number. enjoy intr
. they're matching cups. >> twins. >> that's all i use. >> keeps it cold. and it's cheap. cheap. >> reporter: the siegels offered filmmake lauren greenfield full access. >> it took me a while to fall in love with him. >> reporter: not just into their home, but also into their prickly marriage. >> does our marriage give you strength? >> no. >> yes, it does. >> he's a liar. >> does it give you strength? >> no. >> he's honest. >> motivation. >> reporter: but it seemed to come crashing down in 2008. >> the market fell 700 points. >> reporter: the bottom fell out of the market. >> i would say it's touch and go right now. >> reporter: greenfield's cameras were there to capture it. >> we don't talk about financial problems. >> reporter: the siegels had to stop construction for three year, putting versailles on the market. >> david siegel already wants to sell. >> reporter: cutting back on servants. they already have four or five nannies and shopping. >> obviously, when money was in demand, we had to cut back on our personal expenses. >> reporter: so from going from beluga to a cheaper
for a look at morning road conditions. thunderstorms soak highways around the twin cities, des moines and indianapolis. afternoon downpours drench roads from boston to d.c., also wet across the south. >>> if you're flying today, airport delays possible along the east coast in boston, new york, philly and washington, d.c., getting a price for paying with the heat breaking. >>> it is now day six of an agonizing search for two cousins still missing in the state of iowa. >> at least 30 fbi investigators have joined that search. police are draining the lake near where the girls' bikes were found on friday and tracking dogs have picked up the scent of 8-year-old lyric coelizabeth cod lyric cook in the area. they are strong swimmers and fears they've been kidnapped are growing. >>> for the first time since her arrest we are hearing from kerry kennedy. last week the daughter of robert f. kennedy sideswiped a tractor trailer. police say she failed a roadside sobriety test and was swaying, slurring her speech, as well. kennedy says she was not drunk and not drugged. >> in a series of other fact
to be flying around your neighborhood. >> it looks like this is in an area of san francisco called twin peaks. >> to see the entire video go to if you live in the san francisco area we have lots of fans there, did you see what was going on? did you check it out? >> i want you to take a look at this video that is starting to go viral. >> my name is tony harrison. i'm a 20-year-old male. i have cancer since the age of 16. unfortunately, at the age of 20, which i'm at now, cancer is going to defeat me. in a matter of months. doctors say there's not much they can do. i created a bucket list. you're on my bucket list. i would love to meet you. >> he's created a bucket list and saying your aon my bucket list. i would love to meet you. the person he's talking about -- >> katy perry, if you're seeing this i would love to meet you even an hour of your time, it would mean a lot to me. >> this guy's one wish before the end of his life is to meet katy perry. of course people who saw this video, they were moved, they started sharing it with everyone. people are tweeting about it. peop
. >> 76 years. his little girls have stole the show the he has two twin daughters, myla rose, and that is his wife, a former tennis player, herself. i love he had a quote. he said as long as i wake up and she is next to me all its good. >> oh. it was good. murray played a great game. federer is just that good. >> seven. he won there seven times. >> tied sampras' record. there we are at the game doing >>> this morning on "world news now" -- mean season, the relentless summer heat wave is now to blame for nearly four dozen deaths. >>> and a powerful cold front causing at least one tornado overnight in virginia. it will bring relief, but at a major cost. it's monday, july 9th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> good monday morning, i'm rob nelson. you may remember this woman to my left right here. >> i don't remember my name. is that a quiz. >> a test. >> a test to see how tired i am. >> coming back from vaca never easy. >> pam. peggy. >> peggy bunker. welcome back, peggy. it's bun a loeen a long time. >> i think i am paula faris. we'll get back to that o
, for years playing for the rangers t brewers, the twins, back to the minors in between. his time now if f with the mets and perfection of the knuckle ball, now has him the most talked about pitcher in the majors. >> now the fans know story. >> as i'm walking off between innings, there's a section right there, the family section. >> sitting in those seats, his wife and four children. do they know the secret? >> not giving away the secret. >> no, i can't. not until i retire. >> show me your knuckle ball? >> you know, that's a great question. it's one that i'm constantly searching for. >> you've talked about the vertical shoe box. do you picture that when you're pitching? >> yeah, driveway. shoe box over the pitcher's head at least part of the secret. >> i'll dig my fingernails right behind the horseshoe, trying to stabilize the baseball with my thumb. >> unlike any other pitch, knuckle balls hardly spin. they rotate up to 1.a 5 times, slow moving, barely spinning and unpredictable in that box. >> i just release the ball at the opportune moment and it comes out without spin. >> then it was m
with a boom! a boom of night lincoln. the twins and the rangers battling each other, and the weather here, sending players running not for the ball, but for cover. watch it again. an explosion of storms. one of the strongest in fredericksburg, virginia. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: in a building that looked like this, 14 competitive cheerleaders were practicing. that building is now a pile of rubble. >> ever been through anything like that? >> never. it was the scariest thing i've ever seen in my whole entire life ever. >> just think, we were doing handstands on friday. that's gone. >> reporter: what we didn't know was the cheer fusion team which has spent hours in this gym was stunned and panicked as the winds literally ripped apart the building. >> it was really scary, really loud, kidding were screaming everywhere. kids didn't know where their parents were. parents didn't know where the kids would be. >> reporter: they all ran to the back room, huddling together. trapped inside. with one of the dads, heath mullens, trying to get all the kids in. he didn't make it to the room. and was t
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. >> this is something you can do. go to the facebook fan page and let us know what you think. you had twins. >> i did. >> would you have allowed a photographer. >> i don't think i would have it's a c-section and i don't think they would have allowed it i didn't think about that. >> private moment leave it each their own. >> very good. >>> all right. stay with us. because at 5:00 hour is right now. >> no way. >>> now "good morning maryland." >> reporter: a dc police officer is in hot water after make an alleged threat against the first lady. what he is accused of saying that has him in big trouble. >> and a tarnished legacy at penn state after a report blast the school and football program for covering up a child sex abuse scandal. what the school board and trustees will face the public. >>> we have not heard the last of a proposed new casino at the national harbor or table games. when the governor could decide to call a special session on this issue. >> those stories straight ahead on this friday. it's friday the 13th. >> it is. >> good morning maryland you say that with dread. >> you supe
pick up in less time. i love that book! can you believe the twin did it? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. ♪ >>> now, good morning maryland. 6 minutes after 5 a. thankings for joining us on this friday morning, the diabetes drug metformin can have benefits for alzheimer's patients this could produce new cells and help repair the effects of alzheimer's disease. the is arkansas research is -- the research is in the early stages and more research needs to be done. >>> it is hot, no doubt about it, and the sun is blazing and when you go outside you have to slatter on the sunscreen but sunburns happen no matter what sometimes, so katie couric has home remedies to ease the pain of those burns. >> hey, everyone, you know there is nothing like a great day at the beach or pool but that day of fun in the sun tune leaves to -- too often leads to a night of agony, they recommend an spf of 30, apply every two hours and reply if you go for a swim or are sweating a lot but dermatologist audrey told me that you have an eight hour window to treat that sunbur
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in duffel bags. after 9/11, spider-man pulled a trailer with a helicopter with a web between the twin towers. christian bale released a statement, words can't express the horror that i feel. my heart goes out to them. i can't begin the pain and the grief of the victims and their loved ones. something interesting, warner brothers has decided to cancel the big premieres with the stars of the movies, they'll go ahead for special screenings for their promotional winners. and invited guests. >>> now, for a check of the other stories making headlines this morning, let's head over to ron claiborne. ron, good morning. >>> good morning, everyone. we begin with syria and the growing civil war in that country. syrian rebels have launched an assault on aleppo the country's largest city. this comes after a week of intense fighting of the capital damascus that put the government on the defensive. antigovernment forces have taken control of four border crossings with iraq and turkey. >>> the air force instructor convicted of rape has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. he'll be dishonorably discharged. a
can get unbelievable dust pick up in less time. i love that book! can you believe the twin did it? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. ♪ >>> from the block. yes, indeed. >> jenny from the block and j-lo, jennifer lopez is hot and about to get even hotter. >> no argument here. enrique iglesias. do you like him? >> i don't love him, but i like him. >> they are teaming up for a world tour and amy robach got a rare back stage pass. >> fresh off her announcement that she is walking away from "american idol," lopez is ready to focus on her music once again. >> you know, i haven't performed enough and that's why people don't know me as a live performer. this is my moment to really show what i can do. what i have always known i can do and surrender done. >> world tour is one of the only accomplishments she hasn't checked off her bucket list. j-lo's cotar? this video for dance again is former back up dancer, her 25-year-old boyfriend. she is surprisingly composed as he told us how he managed to land one of the most beautiful and powerful girlf
the rangers and twins off the field and into the dugout mid-game. the death toll has now topped 45. zpmgt and day on the lake beating that heat turned to tragedy for the acceptson of pop st star usher. 11-year-old kyle gibson is reportedly brain dead. a jet ski ran into the inner tube that he was riding in. it appears that alcohol was not a factor in the crash. zplncht check out a runaway tractor trailer. barreling right through the pumps. eyewitnesses racing to the rescue, despite fears that everything might blow. the driver says his brakes just went out. everybody here, by the way, was okay. >>> and if your kids are hounding you for a pet, there's a new reason to say yes. children who grow up around dogs and cats are healthier. a study out this morning finds that babies exposed to animals have fewer colds and ear infections. scientists think the pets help strengthen the youngsters' immune systems. >>> and finally, a change at the top for power house abc station in chicago. the old antenna gnat beamed wls to millions was removed by a gutsy, gutsy budge of guys. sam -- >> no. >> one place
. >> upper 90s in dallas, kansas city and colorado springs. 80s from the twin cities to new york. 106 in phoenix. 78 in seattle. my son heard the thunder. he's like, mommy, fireworks. >> that's what it sounded like. >> not really. >>> let the good times roll on this next one. mark your calendars because there's only 199 days until my saints play in the super bowl, and better yet in the superdome in the city of new orleans. redemption will be ours. >> that is called wishful thinking. >> please, please. >> and they are already getting ready with some serious road improvements. can i have my highlighter back? >> no. >> the contractor is promising to have the entire $11 million face-lift done by december. >> now if the saints can somehow avoid another loss in the divisional playoffs, the 49ers last year, dreams would really be coming true. new orleans is pumped to host that super bowl. we had a tough off-season, but we're coming back. who dat nation is about to rise again. we'll be there. we find a way. new orleans are a city of survivors. that's all i'm telling you. >>> the naked truth a
-in -- stripper pole. >> there's a twin dancing. >> reporter: her husband is 77-year-old billionaire david siegel. >> i don't believe in wasting money. >> reporter: the former beauty queen from bingham ton, new york, has everything. almost. >> this is their temporary house. >> we're going to live here for a few years. >> reporter: consider this a starter mansion. >> now we're going to take a look into the largest home in america. >> reporter: welcome to versailles. at 90,000 square feet it will be the largest house in america if completed. bigger than a 747 hangar, two full acres of interior space requiring segues to get around. >> two movie theaters. that's the observation deck. the bowling alley is downstairs. this is our sushi bar area. >> so in 2008, the queen of versailles and her husband, the founder of westgate resorts and so-called time share king agreed to a film to document the building process. they offered them full access into their home, their prickly marriage and belt tightening. >> the market fell over 700 points. >> this is almost a rags to r h riches story. >> reporter: siegel
. >> now i'm going to get out of your way. >> suzy and i decided it was only fair to look like twins today. >> i wish. >> speaking of fashion faux pass. we're tackling some mistakes people make when it comes to fashion. "tall, skinny rich".com is here to show us easy fixes to three common problems. >> what i'm saying, even if you're a size 24 w or if you're five feet tall, you can look taller. you can look thinner with clothing and of course you can look rich even in $25 pants. >> and you know how to do it better than anybody. >> i'm going to show you how to do all of the tricks so when you shop, you don't make mistakes. >> i want to tell you about the first mistake we have. she wants to look taller. what was the first mistake? >> the first mistake is the crop pant. i don't know why they sell crop pants. they make everyone's legs look super short. here's where it doesn't work. you don't see the foot. it looks like she's short. second mistake, she is wearing a top that cuts her off right here and it's very boxy and that shrinks her silhouette. we'll show you how to change that and look like
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